Retractable Window Grilles

As companies of all sizes and location increasingly upgrade their security, retractable window grilles offer both a visual and physical deterrent. However, such is the nature of their design that they are able to be completely unobtrusive when not in use. At Security Shutter Solutions, we provide market leading grilles to protect commercial and residential properties.

For those companies looking to take a step to upgrade their security, this solution can be perfect. Also referred to as Collapsible Gates, Collapsible Grilles, Expanding Gates, Lattice Gates, Lattice Grilles, Sliding Gates or Retractable Grilles, the following information will help.

Retractable window grilles are extremely effective

Retractable window grilles are seen as the perfect solution for many homes and businesses for more than simply offering greater resistance to vandalism and crime. Though visually effective, they are unobtrusive, and they also allow greater air flow through a building when fully activated. When locked into position, cooling air is still directed into a building while maximum security is retained.

When not in use though, they simply, quickly and effectively slide back into partitions or behind curtains. This way, they are no longer visible, internally or externally. The ease with which they can be retracted is another great benefit, while the installation in itself is quick and easy by professional teams.

Retractable window grilles made to measure

At Security Shutter Solutions, we provide our retractable grilles in two designs – an S-type and an X-type lattice. There is no performance difference between the two designs, with the choice simply being a case of preference. Better still is that both designs are able to be made to fit any space. Whether being used for large feature windows in a shop or small ventilation points in the home, different widths and heights can be tailored for.

To achieve the very best results, it is also possible that each gate can be powder coated. With an array of colours available, it is easy to match a design to an existing décor. This is ideal for homes of course, but is also perfect for companies wanting to match their security features to company colours and branding. Matt and gloss finishes can also be achieved, while designs can be galvanised – ideal for external uses in particular.

To provide the perfect finish for any home or business, it is also possible for our teams to carry out a tailored installation. For those wanting complete non-obstruction for example, a lift up or lift out bottom track will be ideal. It is also possible to have a hinged away sash.

Essentially, what can be achieved is total versatility for security, with ease of access and ventilation for the home owner. For the business owner, such professional installation allows for a display window to remain completely on view to the buying public while still providing first rate security protection and deterrence.

Retractable window grilles offer a solution which many homes and businesses wanting low level but high protection security find perfect. With easy installation, tailored design and a host of options such as multi locking, smooth running tracks and a finish which adds rather detracts from an existing image, they are practical, functional and convenient.

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