Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are the ideal choice for those in need of a space-saving design for their property. Offering a low maintenance, affordable and effective entry point, SeceuroGlide doors are insulated and weather-sealed against the elements, can be blended to suit the exterior of the building or surrounding area and can be manufactured to exact specifications according the demands and preferences of the customer.

Insulated roller garage doors

As saving energy at home becomes ever more important, looking at every aspect where waste can leak out is sensible. Open entry and exit points are obvious ways in which warm air escapes, but there is also significant waste even when entry and exit points are closed. Insulated doors, as the name suggests, are specifically designed to be energy efficient.

This approach to design helps to reduce energy bills for households and retain welcome cash for spending in other areas. As well as helping prevent heat loss through the winter months, they also help reduce carbon emissions while the weather proofing ensures protection against the very worst of the British weather. Coming in a full range of styles and designs, they can be tailored to suit any garage.

Automatic roller garage doors

All SeceuroGlide doors are automatic, making them perfect for those customers looking for a cost effective and convenient solution to the access of their garage. Designed and installed complete with the use of a remote control as standard, they can be opened and closed with nothing more arduous than the touch of a button. Ideal when quick access is required and the weather is doing its very worst.

Automatic doors are available across a large range of styles, colours and mechanism options to best suit the property and the area in which it sits. All automatic doors are designed with security as the number one aspect but provide so much more to ensure they are both long-lasting and guaranteed to offer practicality and convenience.

Electric roller garage doors

Being electrically operated, our doors are ideal for those needing quick access and wanting to securely shut their garage promptly. The standard remote control access makes this a simple operation but to ensure complete peace of mind, they can also be operated manually. This is a sensible precaution, as we all know remote controls like to hide from time to time, and it saves a lot of frustration accordingly.

Electric doors can also be supplied with a battery backup, which can prove invaluable in the event of a power failure during particularly poor weather. Electrically operated doors are the perfect choice for families with kids, or those having an early start for work every morning.

At Shutter Solutions, we ensure our roller garage doors are designed and installed to the highest of standards. Our full range offers many styles and colours, while each is designed to save space and minimise clutter. With sympathetically designed runners, various coatings and a number of surface finishes, we ensure each installation fits the home and area perfectly, for security and convenience.

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