Roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors are a common sight on industrial and commercial premises – chiefly because they have, for many years, been one of the most effective and easy to use security measures available to buy.

Roller shutter doors are also increasingly used by private individuals wishing to make their homes more secure.

Why roller shutter doors?

Roller shutter doors consist of rows of metallic slats or bars linked together by flexible hinges to form a ‘curtain’.

This curtain can be unwound and pulled down when required to completely cover a standard door or open entrance.

Roller shutter doors are often favoured simply because they provide an additional layer of protection over and above standard security door locks.

In addition, while a quality door lock is of course a deterrent to breaking and entering, the vulnerability of any surrounding glass panels is minimised through the overall protection of a pull-down roller shutter door.

Roller shutter doors can also be an effective means of safeguarding open entrances which – for ease of access during business hours – are not protected by standard doors.

When opaque, roller shutter doors also of course prevent prying eyes from seeing anything the occupiers would rather be left undisclosed.

What are the different types of roller shutter doors available for businesses?

While most people are used to seeing conventional bare galvanised metal-based roller shutter doors – as commonly found on many commercial and industrial premises – it should be noted that for those looking for something a little different, there are several variations on this theme.

For a start, it is perfectly possible to order roller shutter doors in virtually any colour. The doors are simply powder painted to customer requirements.

Secondly, in addition to the traditional opaque version, roller shutter doors are also available with built-in view spaces for those businesses wishing to display items inside the premises to passers-by – without compromising security.

Such tube and link roller shutter doors – also known as portcullis roller shutter doors – are often chosen by retail outlets looking to advertise the goods they have on sale.

Roller shutter doors for private homes

To accommodate the growing market for additional security protection among private dwellers, there are roller shutter doors which take aesthetics into account, as well as the strictest security measures.

There are, for example, some extremely charming aluminium roller shutter doors on the market – frequently supplied as standard in attractive colours such as creams or browns.

These domestic roller shutter doors often convey the visual impression of slatted blinds rather than the formidable security measure they truly are.

A popular variation on this theme comes in the form of continental roller shutter doors. Aluminium-based but with foam used to fill each slat, continental roller shutter doors discreetly conjure up visual associations with delightful Parisian or Spanish locations.

Choosing between manual or electric roller shutter doors

For those requiring larger, heavier roller shutter doors, an electric opening and closing option will often be preferable.

Even for smaller roller shutter doors, an electric function can be obtained for those requiring physical assistance – or simply for reasons of convenience.

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