Roller Shutters Fabrication by DMI Security

Roller shutters remain a popular security feature among many businesses – not least because in addition to offering highly effective protection for their property, the wide range of formats and designs also lend themselves to blending in perfectly with almost any style of commercial premises.

While roller shutters can usually be produced to almost any bespoke design, there are some fundamental roller shutter formats which will often suit one type of commercial premises or another.

Curtain roller shutters

Perhaps the most familiar and conventional style of roller shutter – the curtain design – is deployed whenever the owner of a business premises wishes to both securely protect the contents inside and conceal those same contents from the eyes of passers-by.

Usually constructed from galvanised steel or aluminium, the hinged slats of curtain roller shutters are locked tightly together when the shutter is in the closed position.

Once the shutter is unlocked, however, the hinges enable the slats to be quickly and easily rolled upwards, leaving the window or doorway they previously covered completely clear.

Available in a range of sizes, curtain roller shutters can be tailored in a number of ways to the style of the premises concerned – not least through the enhancement of powder painting in almost any colour desired.

Continental roller shutters

A popular, more aesthetically-oriented version of the curtain shutter – the continental roller shutter – performs the same securing and concealing functions, but appears far more welcoming.

Continental roller shutters are usually ideal for more customer-focussed premises such as cafes or specialist retail outlets.

The key variable to achieving the more aesthetic look of continental roller shutters is creating a shapely version of the slat through the introduction of foam padding.

Bespoke versions of continental roller shutters can of course also be supplied in a wide range of colours.

Tube & link roller shutters

An even more customer-friendly look can be created through the use of tube & link – or portcullis – roller shutters, wherein narrow tube slats are connected by widely-spaced linking bars in order to secure an expansive network of uncovered viewing areas.

Although tube & link shutters are as secure as conventional roller shutters, their particular attraction lies in their ability to permit an unobtrusive insight into what lies behind the barrier – making them perfect for retail outlets and other commercial premises which depend on keeping their products constantly visible to passers-by.

Manual or automatic operation

For the purposes of convenience and assistance where necessary, the most popular manufacturers and suppliers of all types of roller shutter now offer the option of an automated, electronic operation.

While the manual opening and closing of roller shutters is generally acknowledged as easy and straightforward, users of larger, heavier shutters in particular will often find they benefit from the addition of an electric power source.

The option of professional installation

In order to ensure that any roller shutter functions perfectly and remains fully secure, it is of course vital that it is installed correctly.

For this reason, at DMI Security Group Ltd we also offer a full professional installation service.

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