Roller Shutters for London

Here at Security Shutter Solutions, we understand only too well that London businesses are increasingly looking for ways to protect themselves from vandalism and other crimes. As a result, roller shutters for London premises are fast becoming an essential fixture. Offering a very real deterrent both actively and reactively, they can be a great investment.

Roller shutters in London work

There are many kinds of roller shutters which can be used across London, all of which can be tailored and installed by our teams. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, available in single skinned or double skinned varieties for greater insulation, they are able to be used in all commercial and industrial settings.

In providing this flexibility, all companies in the capital are able to select shutters which exactly meet their demands. In keeping with this practice, there are a number of different styles available. From link rollers to curtains, and galvanised steel to high visibility tube shutters, each can provide the perfect solution for working areas.

Manual or electric roller shutters for London businesses

In order that each shutter can be made to suit the need exactly, they are also provided as hand operated or electrically operated. In essence, the difference between the two depends on the frequency of their use. Generally speaking, hand operated shutters are best for light use and more commercial enterprises, while electric ones are best suited to heavier and more constant work areas.

Manually operated shutters are controlled through the use of a pull chain. This drives a gear mechanism, which links to a barrel assembly. In the barrel assembly are counter balanced springs, which help assist in the operation of the shutter. Secured through ground locks in a chain locking box, quick, secure and safe access is provided. As a rule, the size of hand operated shutters is anything between 4500mm in height and 5500mm in width.

With the use of electric shutters, industrial areas can find their constant operation a great deal easier to work with. Offering excellent performance and reliability, they have geared industrial motors. Operating on a single or triple phase, they are controlled simply through a push button and activated through a key lock or digital panel. Alternatively they can be remote controlled. While tailored shutters are available, standard sizes tend to range from 5.5m in height 7m in width.

The final delivery of roller shutters across London

Whether to match corporate colours, sport high impact visuals for safety and clarity or to meet planning permissions in conservation areas, the finish of all shutters can be tailored. From standard galvanised finishes, to multi-coloured powder coating, all looks can be readily achieved.

To ensure the best results, it is essential that all shutters be professionally installed by trained teams. This not only ensures they operate well, but means the best security and protection is provided. With many other options to make the final installation clean, professional and easy to maintain, businesses in London can soon be safe and secure through all weathers and criminal activity.

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