Saving space on company premises with retractable security gates

All companies need to ensure that their business premises are safe and secure when they go home for the night. This means using a wide range of different measures to ensure that the building is as safe from thieves and vandals as possible. As well as setting up burglar alarms and CCTV, and ensuring that doors and windows are secure, companies should also consider using security gates to stop people from even getting onto their land, where they could cause harm or carry out acts of illegality against the company.

It does not matter how much or how little space a company has; it can still put security gates in place by using space saving retractable security gates. These can be put up to keep criminals out at night and retracted during business hours, allowing access and parking for members of staff and visitors who have permission to be on the premises.

Retractable security gates

Retractable security gates are simply gates which can be installed on a business premises to provide security without being too intrusive to the space. They can simply be folded away, or collapsed when not in use and this makes them very practical in small spaces.

Not only can retractable gates be used to secure an outdoor area; they can also be used on doors to bar entry by burglars who would like to get their hands on the expensive goods which are so often found inside company buildings.

Shop stock, office computers and any number of expensive objects found on company premises are big draws for thieves, who know that premises are likely to be empty out of working hours. This means that company premises are regularly targeted, but with retractable gates in place, it is much harder for thieves to gain entry and take valuable goods.


Retractable security gates and grilles not only make it more difficult for thieves to gain entry to company premises as they also act as a great deterrent, so that many thieves will not even attempt to gain entry in the first place.

Simply by having retractable gates and grilles in place, you are providing an extra barrier to the prospective burglar and this could be enough to turn them off burgling your office. Thieves are typically opportunist and they like to move quickly, but if there are retractable security gates in place, they are going to be slowed down and are at a greater risk of being caught. Most will simply not bother.


Retractable security gates also offer protection against vandalism. If vandals cannot gain entry to premises or they cannot break though security grilles, to get to doors and windows, then they are simply powerless to inflict any real damage.


Since retractable security gates simply fold away or collapse, they do not get in the way. You can protect your building without encroaching into it, or making it look unsightly when clients will be around to see it. This is why they are the perfect security measure for any company.

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