Serial burglar targets dying man

The home of a dying Sheffield man was turned over by a repeat burglar who has been sentenced to over two years for his crimes.

Police were alerted to the break-in at Terrence Redmond’s home when his vigilant neighbours heard glass being broken, and spotted serial burglar Stephen Denton running from the scene with stolen computer equipment.

Denton, who is 26, had made his way into the Busk Meadow flat by breaking a patio window, through which he gained entry. He then made off with a £400 computer tower belonging to Mr Redmond.

Local police quickly took action and found Denton only a few hours later, along with Mr Redmond’s stolen computer tower. Forensic technicians were able to link shards of grass from the crime scene with glass found on Denton’s clothing, putting him at the scene.

Mr Redmond, who is terminally ill, has been so distressed by the burglary that he is thinking of moving out of his home.

Denton, who is from Busk Meadow in Shirecliffe, admitted to the offence in court, where the judge was told he had previous convictions for burglary.

Denton’s first burglary conviction occurred when he was only 13. However, it could be included in the new ‘three strikes’ regulation which states that anyone convicted of three house burglaries must serve a minimum of three years in prison. He was eventually given two years and five months for pleading guilty.

In order to prevent house burglaries, security shutters, burglar alarms and CCTV are some of the best options.

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