Sewage tanker ram-raiders caught on camera

Two men have been jailed for an attempted ram-raid that they carried out using a sewage tanker. The pair attempted to ram and rob an ATM with the stolen vehicle in the South Lanarkshire area – but instead crashed into a local call-centre.

The whole incident was caught on CCTV and showed the tanker being driven into the call centre door, as well as repeatedly ramming into the ATM machine in an attempt to get at the cash stored within.

David Fowler and George Nicol took the tanker from East Kilbride and drove to Blantyre, where they attempted to ram-raid the HSBC cash machine on the 20th October last year.

The two men were arrested shortly after they crashed their vehicle, which was found to contain a shotgun and several rounds of ammunition.

George Nicol was given a prison sentence of five and a half years and his accomplice Fowler was handed down a five year sentence. Both men are currently serving their sentences at HMP Addiwell after pleading guilty to the charges of robbery and theft, as well as charges relating to the gun that was found in their vehicle.

The judge presiding over their case, Lord Glennie, commented:

“You have both pleaded guilty to a bizarre attempt to rob money from a cash machine. The only saving grace in this case is that the crime was carried out in such an incompetent fashion. Offences of this nature require the imposition of significant periods of custody. You will both go to prison.”

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