Shopkeepers brighten up their security shutters

Following the anniversary of the riots that swept high streets and shopping areas in 2011, many shopkeepers have installed security shutters. In many areas of London and major cities in the UK, this is arguably a sensible approach, not least to prevent damage in times of social unrest, but also to deter against crime.

Shop owners on one South-East London shopping parade are brightening up their shutters in a bid to make these security devices more appealing.

In Woolwich, which has been home to shooting and archery competitions over the summer, shutters are being decorated in bright colours and fun images.

Talking about the project, one local shopkeeper said he really thinks it makes people feel better.

The owner of a family phone shop, Zaffar Awan told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

“It does put them [local shoppers] in a very good mood”.

Many retail experts and commentators also believe that the designs do not just add a touch of colour to the surroundings, but also act as a further deterrence to those who tend to commit antisocial behaviour.

Speaking in The Grocer magazine recently, its editor Adam Leyland said that the “beautification” of shutters in the way that the Woolwich shopkeepers are demonstrating, could add a real sense of community.

It is not the first time shutters have been decorated in this way. However, it is still not a common sight around the UK. Arguably, if bright and colourful images were seen on all high streets, residents could feel happier about the area they live in.

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