Shopkeepers likely to be disappointed with shutter decision

Following the riots that raged across much of London and many other cities in the UK last summer, there was hope that restrictions on shop security shutters would be relaxed. However, news last week confirmed that government plans had been abandoned.

The plans have been dropped following a consultation phase. The Department for Communities and Local Government corresponded with local planning chiefs regards relaxing the need for local authority approval.

The findings concluded that relaxing the current restrictions over shutters would be a “disproportionate over-reaction”.

It is a decision that will likely anger many shopkeepers. The Association of Convenience Stores has already hit out at the decision, with spokesman Shane Brennan reportedly saying:

“[The plan] would require councils to be creative, talk to local retailers and respond to their needs. That is not something they’re renowned for.”

The ruling following the consultation also seems to undermine the government’s position on cutting red tape for local business.

Shortly after the August riots, PM David Cameron said that he would work to identify unneeded planning regulations for the installation of shutters.

However, funding has been made available through the High Street Fund to help affected shops and areas. Many are using this cash to invest in additional security measures, with many councils being more conducive regards the use of shutters.

There are also an increasing number of internal shutters and mesh grills, which the majority of the time do not require planning permission. A proven preventative and protective measure against crime and vandalism, they are the perfect choice for many.

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