Shutters installed in Kettering following vandalism

An act of vandalism in Kettering town centre, which left a local business with a bill for hundreds of pounds worth of repairs to its damaged exterior, has resulted in security shutters being installed.

The vandals struck Belvoir Lettings when the premises were empty and though the property was properly locked up, there was no further protection to the front of the building. The roller shutter which has now been installed should prevent any future episodes and deter burglaries.

The attack came as a surprise to the management of the firm, a nationwide lettings chain with offices in all major cities and towns of the UK. The surprise was largely due to the quiet and safe location of the store.

However, its location has ironically gone on to present a problem regarding the installation of the shutter.

Located in Newland Street in the town, the premises sits right in the middle of Kettering’s conversation area. As such, Belvoir Lettings had to apply for retrospective planning permission for the security shutter.

Considering the firm took the preventative measure having listened to advice from the local police force, it is a surprising development. When called to the incident, the police did not advise that planning permission would be needed.

The application has now been submitted and the shutter can stay in place throughout the process.

It is expected that the application will be upheld, but a full and final decision will be handed down from Kettering Town Council by the end of April 2012.

Police are still searching for the individuals responsible for the vandalism.

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