Shutters stop burglary in Milton Keynes

The effectiveness of shop security shutters was put to the test again last week – as burglars in Milton Keynes targeted a local supermarket. Despite what appeared to be a concerted effort to gain entry to the store, the shutters remained in place, leaving the would-be thieves empty handed.

The attempted break-in took place at some point between 9.35pm on Wednesday 29th August and 6am on Thursday 30th August.

The individual or gang involved tried forcing open the shop shutters of the Spa store in the Walnut Tree area of Milton Keynes. Located on Wadesmill Lane, the local police force is looking to hear from any witnesses to the incident.

The potential haul could have been quite significant if access had been gained. However, it is not clear what was being targeted at the time of the incident.

The shutters managed to do their job extremely well, as it was clearly a focused attempt by the raiders with some damage being caused to the shutters themselves.

Anyone who saw anything suspicious in the Walnut Tree area at the time of the raid, or anyone with direct information about the incident, is urged to contact police.

Security shutters not only protect against breaks-ins; they are also known to act as a strong visible deterrent. While this particular incident proved unsuccessful thanks to the security measures in place, similar attempts in other areas could prove less fortunate for shop owners – with some shops not protected with shutters.

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