Signed football memorabilia stolen from Bedford home

A number of football shirts, which had been signed by football legends such as George Best, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, have been stolen from a Bedford home after burglars gained entry to the property.

Burglars also made off with a quantity of jewellery, including a watch made by Hugo Boss, a platinum necklace and a gold ring. Also taken were a number of golf clubs and pictures of famous footballers, including Bobby Charlton and Pelé, when the home in Tyne Crescent was broken into.

Police investigating the break-in have said that the stolen football shirts are worth a significant sum of money.

Speaking of the crime, Lynn Adams of the Bedfordshire police said:

“These items are easy to recognise and the person who took them will eventually have to try to sell them on.”

It is hoped that the shirts can be recovered if members of the public are vigilant and are able to spot the shirts when they are offered up for sale by thieves.

She also asked anyone with any information about the crime to get in touch with their local police officers, or call Crimestoppers anonymously, with anything which could help the police to recover the items and catch the thieves.

With the number of burglaries seemingly on the rise, property owners are urged to ensure that their homes and businesses are secure against break-in. Installing preventative devices such as roller shutters, window bars and lockable security gates can help to put off burglars from targeting any home.

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