Sledgehammer break in thwarted by security shutters

A gang of masked robbers armed with sledgehammers failed to break in to a town centre jewellery store last week, having been beaten by the owner’s security precautions.

The attack, which took place at Lister Horsfall in Brook Street, Ilkley, is the second time the store has been targeted in a matter of months. It is thought the same group is responsible.

Unlike the raid in September though, the gang went away empty handed. A spokesman from the West Yorkshire Police Force praised the store owners for erecting security shutters and introducing other measures:

“Nothing has been taken and the shop followed the crime prevention advice.

“They have fitted shutters and this prevented the robbery.

The previous attack saw over £400,000 worth of items being taken and left a member of staff injured and threatened with a sledgehammer.

Thanks to the introduction of a push button entry system and aluminium shutters, two of the gang members failed to gain entry this time round. This was despite repeated attempts at hitting the door and side windows with sledgehammers.

As well as praising the owners of the shop for their sensible preventative actions, the police also praised residents who raised the alarm quickly.

Thanks to some very good eye-witness accounts too, police are confident of catching the criminals responsible for the attack.

Anyone with further information about the incident, which took place on Thursday 7th June at 10.10 am is being urged to come forward however.

They are particularly interested to talk to anyone seeing the grey BMW estate car used in the attempted raid being driven before hand.

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