Son of Trevor Francis on trial for burglary

James Francis, the son of football legend Trevor Francis, is currently standing trial. He is accused of burgling a cottage that forms part of a mansion, worth £1.6 million and owned by a former Aston Villa footballer. The incident is alleged to have taken place back in 2011.

James Francis denies the charges, stating that his fingerprints were only found at the scene of the crime because he had left them there when he visited in a work capacity. He stands accused of stealing a number of souvenir football shirts and designer women’s shoes.

Standing at Warwick Crown Court, Francis told the jury that he had previously paid a visit to the property in order to compile a quote for cleaning the home.

The prosecution, however, alleges that Francis broke in to the cottage while he knew the owners were away on holiday in 2011, between July 18th and August 3rd.

The court was told that the accused’s fingerprints were found on the unoccupied cottage’s door and were also discovered on a piece of cardboard at the property.

James Francis says that there is a perfectly innocent reason for his fingerprints being in the property. His parents once lived in one of the cottages on the property, so he was aware he needed to inspect the interior when making a quote for cleaning services.

The trial continues but it shows just how important it is for large properties to install quality security measures, such as lockable security gates and security shutters, if they are to be protected from burglary.

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