Staffordshire man tied up during burglary

A pensioner was bound for several hours as a gang of burglars rampaged through his home – in what police called a “horrific incident” – stealing a number of antiques and property worth in excess of £100,000.

The burglars made off with a number of antiques, including swords, paintings and even suits of armour when they broke into the home of the 79 year old man in Rushton Spencer. It is believed that the burglary was meticulously planned in advance.

The victim was grabbed from behind by two men as he returned home at 8pm on 28th September. The man, who has yet to be named, was then assaulted before being bundled into his home, where he was tied up.

Once he was restrained, several more burglars entered his home. Detectives believe as many as nine individuals could have been involved in the attack, which lasted for several hours as the burglars combed the house looking for valuable goods they could remove.

Items taken form the OAP’s property included, a 17th century suit of armour, 30 paintings, two French bayonets and a ruby-encrusted golden sword.

It was not until 4am that the victim was able to let police know of the incident. While he was not seriously hurt in the attack, he was reportedly very shaken by the occurrence.

Homeowners looking to protect themselves from burglaries can do a number of things – including installing security shutters, burglar alarms and CCTV – to minimize their chances of being targeted.

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