Steel security doors

The use of steel security doors continues apace in commercial buildings and manufacturing plants, with many firms seeing these heavy duty doors as equally appropriate for their premises as wooden doors – yet offering a significantly higher level of protection.

The popularity of steel security doors is also partly explained by the fact that – whether for internal or external use – the doors come in a wide variety of designs at accessible price ranges.

Certain designs have even been created especially for the domestic market.

The essential characteristics of steel security doors

Steel security doors are quite simply solid metal alternatives to standard wooden doors. Like standard doors, they are usually hinge operated and are generally supplied with a built-in key lock.

Steel security doors can come in single format or as pairs of double doors – the latter being deployed particularly frequently for larger entrances and exits.

The qualities of steel security doors

The best steel is of course extremely difficult to penetrate. Unlike wooden doors, steel security doors do not yield easily, and the locks are hard to remove or break without sophisticated cutting tools. They therefore act as a convincing deterrent to burglars or vandals.

Quality steel security doors are also likely to prove to be an extremely viable investment in the long term. This is because they are generally manufactured using grades of steel and coatings designed to protect against almost any physical impact, as well as against the harshest elements and extremes of temperature.

Why steel security doors are suitable for any premises or location

The notion of steel security doors can sometimes conjure up images of cold, impersonal and forbidding fixtures. However, they can often be supplied in formats which lend themselves more subtly to a room or workspace, without compromising in any way on security protection.

It is also important to note that almost any bespoke colour can be applied to steel security doors – thus helping the doors merge into the background rather than standing out as obvious security features.

Moreover, steel security doors can usually be designed and manufactured to any particular size or specification – making each door, or set of doors, unique according to the particular requirements of the customer.

Steel security doors – some popular variations

A particular category of steel security door used by many firms is the fire exit steel door.

While enabling instant access from the inside, a solid steel construction offers far greater protection against intruders than a wood and glass security door – particularly when the exit is located at the unseen, vulnerable peripheries of a building.

Other steel security doors – particularly those aimed at the domestic market – are designed to be closed over standard glass doors in order to offer added protection as and when required, while leaving the standard doors in full view during normal day-to-day activity.

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