Supermarket set to replace “Britain’s toughest pub”

Last orders called for the final time at a pub in Bolton – said by some in the area to be “Britain’s toughest” – was followed with plans for a new, security conscious supermarket on the site already proposed.

The closure of pub – called The Flying Shuttle – in the Farnworth area of the town came after many reports of unrest. In a recent court hearing, Town Hall chiefs heard that there was drug taking at the pub, while many staff were scared of asking patrons to leave.

Arson was also reported on occasion, including after the pub closed, while police felt unsafe on a recent raid despite the operation involving some 13 officers.

A developer has submitted plans to undertake a refurbishment of the site – costing around £100,000 – to open a new supermarket. If approved, the supermarket will create in the region of 10 new jobs for the area.

A local resident said:

“It’s been an eyesore since the pub closed and, towards the end, the pub was out of control.

“The land isn’t going to stay like that forever so if it brings jobs, it’s a good thing.”

The plans have been proposed by a local property owner, who already runs a store in the nearby Leigh area. As well as the outline plans, the developer has additionally requested permission to install security shutters to the newly developed shop front and doors.

A decision will be made by the council by 14th January 2013, with the new shop hoped to be open for business sometime in the early spring.

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