Teenage burglar gang imprisoned

A gang of young burglars, whose members targeted the homes of victims while they slept, has been jailed.

The offenders, who are from the Tranmere area of Merseyside, ransacked a number of homes. One of the burglars, Lewis Hodgskin, admitted to committing no fewer than 12 burglaries in two months last year. He also asked for 46 other burglary incidents to be taken into consideration and, at one point, was involved in a high speed chase through the streets of Birkenhead with accomplice Dale Searson.

The burglars would carefully select their targets, choosing homes with a particular type of lock fitting that they knew they could break into. They also targeted victims whom they knew owned high value vehicles, often stealing the keys to high end cars, including BMWs and Audis.

Once they had the car keys, they would roll stolen vehicles away from houses before turning on the engine, in order to avoid detection.

The gang committed robberies in several areas, including Tranmere and Hoylake.

When sentencing Hodgskin, Searson and a third accomplice, Jack Hassall, presiding judge Mark Brown called the series of break-ins well-planned, adding that the burglars acted as a gang while targeting the homes.

The gang members received more than 16 years between them.

Installing facilities such as roller shutters and security doors is a great way to prevent these kinds of burglaries at any property. As well as offering a solid physical barrier against home invaders, visible security features are also effective simply as deterrents.

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