The types and styles of roller shutters used today

Anyone who is looking for an effective way to ensure their home or business is protected will find that roller shutters are an ideal choice. There are several different types of roller shutters available, so no matter what an individual’s needs may be, there is always a roller shutter to suit.

What are roller shutters?

Roller shutters are simply devices which can be used to cover doors and windows, so that they become much more secure. Unlike more traditional types of shutters, they use a coiled mechanism, which means that they can be rolled up or down rather than opened out to the sides. This makes them much more convenient in small spaces and in places where the owner does not want the shutters to be overly visible when open.

Roller shutters are available in a range of styles and materials, including wood, aluminium and galvanised steel, and can be used in either the home or place of business to offer an extra level of protection. They can be used both in and outdoors, depending on individual requirements and preferences, and depending on what they are being used for.


Below is a brief guide to some of the main types of roller shutters which can be purchased in the UK:

Commercial roller shutters

Commercial roller shutters are heavy duty shutters that are typically made from galvanised steel. They are typically used on the exterior of shops, banks and other commercial premises, in order to beef up security and make it much more difficult for burglars, ram-raiders and robbers to gain entry to commercial premises.

Aluminium roller shutters

Aluminium roller shutters are a cost-effective security solution that offers a higher level of security protection for homes and businesses. They are used to provide an extra barrier between those who would try to break into a building and the contents of homes, offices and shops everywhere. They are available in both solid and perforated styles, and can even be built in to a property for extra convenience. They are available in both manual and electric versions, which means that customers have a choice of how they are able to open their shutters.

Continental roller shutters

Continental roller shutters are amongst the most stylish shutters available and can be used both inside and on the exterior of a building. They are able to make a building more secure while also improving insulation, ventilation and the amount of light a building sees.

Fire shutters

Fire shutters offer protection against the devastating effects of a blaze. They are steel slatted roller shutters which can be electrically closed during an emergency situation involving fire, blocking off the source of fire from the rest of the building. They usually come with a back-up battery supply, which ensures that they will continue to work no matter what is happening. They are perfect for use in commercial buildings that have kitchen areas, or other areas at risk of a blaze.

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