Thefts leave supermarket grasping for shopping baskets

A north-east Wales supermarket has been left with just a handful of baskets after having nearly 500 hundred stolen in the last 12 months.

The curious spate of thefts has happened since the Tesco store in Denbighshire introduced a five pence charge for its carrier bags.

The charge was introduced in October 2011.

Since the fee was levied on the bags, the number of those being given away has fallen by 96 per cent.

Further still, since the charge was introduced, some shoppers have been walking away with the baskets. According to some local residents, this is directly in response to the 5p charge.

One customer of the store, Lisa Thomas, took to Facebook and wrote:

“I went into that big supermarket in Ruthin yesterday and couldn’t find a basket anywhere, when I asked I was told we only have 12 left because people are pinching them because they won’t buy a bag.

“Personally I think this is disgraceful, come on people of Ruthin, if you won’t donate 5p for a bag, take your own.”

The store has also received a number of complaints about the lack of baskets, while other residents have admitted to seeing people drive away with them.

A spokesman for the supermarket giant said:

“We are in the process of implementing measures to help stop baskets being taken from the store in future.”

Usually, the baskets are held in freely accessible racks near the entrance of the store, while some retailers take extra measures – such as protecting them behind mesh grills.

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