TOWIE star shutters up shop a little too late

There was a rather unceremonious beginning to Lauren Goodger’s career as a real-life beauty salon owner, with the store being set ablaze just hours after its opening.

As well as the arson, most of the shop front windows were smashed according to the Daily Mail.

Miss Goodger, the 25-year old star of popular ITV2 “dramality” TV show The Only Way Is Essex, was visibly shaken by the incident, which resulted in tenants in the flats above having to be evacuated.

Regrettably for the 25-year old, she had not had security shutters installed prior to opening the salon, though these were being installed a few hours after police had permitted access.

It is not clear what the material and financial damage is to Miss Goodger from the incident, though it is almost certain that having the roller shutters installed earlier would have prevented the mindless crime.

The possibility that the attack is part of a wider hate campaign against the star is being investigated by police, but whatever the reason, it should serve as a warning to other small business owners.

Friends and fans rallied round Miss Goodger, though her thoughts seemed to be more with the families forced to leave their homes, as she said:

“I’m devastated that individuals could vandalise my new shop. I feel awful for the people with young families who live in the flats above…”

The new salon, named Lauren’s Way, will likely still prove a successful venture once reopened after repairs, particularly with the new shop security shutters in place.

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