Wave of burglaries seeking Indian gold hits Cardiff

In Cardiff, some Asian families have claimed that burglars are targeting them for their valuable Indian gold.

A number of victims said they believe it is not a coincidence that gold has been taken in many of the recent break-ins. Shakeel Ahmad, from Cyncoed, was a victim of the burglaries, along with his sister. He thinks other Asian families on his street have also been targeted in the raids.

Two individuals suspected of the thefts have since been released on bail.

Despite Ahmad’s claims, police have said they do not think the series of raids are linked.

However, Ahmad said he thinks Asian families are being targeted specifically for their expensive gold and jewels, which could be worth thousands.

Ahmad said:

“I think it’s because the community has a tendency to wear gold and things like that for weddings and with the price of gold going through the roof, criminals can go into houses and think they can find it.”

The burglary on Ahmed’s home took place one afternoon last week while the hospital consultant was out.

Some victims have reported the theft of gold items, while other valuables – such as laptop and tablet computers – were left.

One victim on Ahmed’s street said jewellery with a value up to £90k was taken from his home.

Following the wave of crime, police have advised families in the area to take extra measures in ensuring items with significant monetary and sentimental value are kept safe. Families across the UK can opt for retractable gates and roller garage doors to increase home security.

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