Why opt for electric shutters?

Security shutters are a fantastic piece of equipment that can really help to stop burglars, thugs and vandals from gaining entry to, and destroying, commercial properties and homes all over the country. Security shutters are simply roller shutters that can be used to secure points of entry to a building, so that thieves cannot get in. They are typically made from steel or aluminium and are an effective way of keeping burglars out. They are available as both manual and electric shutters, and both are effective at doing their job, but electric shutters tend to be much more practical for the average home or business.

Electric Shutters

Electric shutters are much bigger sellers than manual shutters and that is because they offer a range of benefits over manual shutters. Electric shutters are much easier to use and can be rigged up in a number of ways to suit the needs of individual companies. For instance, they can be operated by a remote control, or they can be wired and controlled by groups. They are typically produced using galvanised steel or aluminium, which allows them to provide a strong barrier against individuals who would otherwise illegally gain entry. They are also strong enough to provide protection against ram-raiders and can help to stop vandalism.

The benefits of electric shutters

Both manual and electric shutters work to prevent break-ins and vandalism, so why are electric shutters better?

Well, quite simply, they are much more convenient than manual shutters. For example, most security shutters are very heavy – they need to be in order to provide an effective barrier. This means they can be difficult to manoeuvre if they are manual. In some cases, it takes two people to open and close manual shutters, so for businesses where only one person is around to open and close the shop, they are not always the most practical option.

Electric shutters allow for flexibility. They can be opened or closed at the touch of a button, which means business managers do not have to constantly ensure that enough members of staff are available to open and close the store.


Some electric shutters can be programmed so that they will automatically close in certain circumstances and this gives them an advantage over manual shutters. Electric shutters that automatically close when there is a fire, for instance, are hugely practical and could save lives. There is no way that a person could pull down a manual shutter quickly enough, and safely, in the case of a fire, but it is perfectly possible to block off the source of fire with electric shutters.


Finally, electric shutters offer an extra level of safety. As mentioned above, they can be used to quickly shut off access to a particular area. This is useful not only if there is a fire, but also in the case of floods, attempted break-ins or at other times of crisis where swift action needs to be taken. Electric shutters give peace of mind to business owners all over the country.

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