Why security shutters do the job for businesses

When it comes to protecting shops and offices, one thing has consistently been used to great effect – security shutters. When a business shuts up shop for the night, it is particularly vulnerable to break- ins. Thieves and robbers know that most commercial premises will have lots of expensive products, equipment and even cash on site, and this makes them a massive target for any number of criminals. By installing galvanised steel or aluminium security shutters, businesses can massively lower their chances of being targeted.

What are security shutters?

The vast majority of security shutters, which are used for protecting commercial properties, are roller shutters. These shutters are typically made up of perforated, horizontal slats of galvanised steel or aluminium. They are designed in such a way that they can be rolled up into a very small area, which makes them convenient in trading hours. They can then be rolled back down at night, providing a strong barrier against anyone who would try to break-in or ram-raid a business property in order to steal cash or goods.

The benefits of security shutters

There are a number of benefits businesses will reap if they choose to install security shutters to their commercial premises. Most businesses that choose to use security shutters will find they do not regret the decision. Below are just some of the benefits security shutters can have for a business:


It goes without saying that the biggest benefit of installing security shutters on commercial premises is the extra security it provides. Burglar alarms can alert people to the fact a break-in is in progress and CCTV can help to identify the culprits, but security shutters actually provide a barrier and deterrent to burglars, making it much less likely that a business using them will be targeted. They are a great deterrent and, if they do not work to deter a particularly determined burglar, then they will at the very least significantly hinder the criminal’s efforts.


Shop doors and windows are often vandalised by thugs. By having security shutters in place, businesses can prevent costly damage from being done to their doors and windows.

Peace of mind

It is not unusual for business owners to spend a lot of time worrying about the security of their business premises when they leave for the night and, although this is something which may never change, having security shutters installed can significantly help to give extra peace of mind. Owners know they have strong barriers in place to prevent theft and vandalism.


Although security shutters are primarily designed to provide a secure barrier against theft and vandalism, they have some other benefits too. If an office is in need of extra insulation or protection against the sun, some shutters can be rolled down and they will do the job quite well. They can even protect fixtures and fittings from the fading effects of the sun, depending on the types of security shutters chosen.

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