The benefits of window grilles

As security in both domestic and commercial property becomes increasingly important to get right, many people are considering the benefits of window grilles. Offering a great physical deterrence and barrier, it is easy to see why. At DMI Security Group Ltd, we provide the best security grilles for use with private, public and business premises.

Window grille basics

After more obvious entrance ways, such as doors, windows remain the most popular entry point used by burglars and vandals to attack homes and businesses. It is little surprise that they require protection therefore, with robust defences needed.

Modern window grilles offer this robust defence. Comprising anti-cut steel bars and mesh, they are enough to deter even an attempt of crime. If an attempt is made though, the steel construction will delay and beat most criminals, who are more concerned with sneaking around and looking for hassle-free chances to steal and vandalise.

Even the smallest of windows can benefit from a grille being installed too; this includes those near to the front entrance of a property. With more sophisticated criminals able to use tools to reach through such windows, many valuables, particularly keys, phones, laptops and so forth, are left vulnerable.

Designed to be installed on the exterior or interior of any property, window security grilles can also be completely unobtrusive when not in use. They can be installed with removable bars and also come in other forms which slide seamlessly into special cavities in order to free up space and provide an elegant solution.

Another great benefit of these grilles is that many of them allow the windows to be used for ventilation and not just as light sources. This makes them ideal in the summer months, or for working areas such as kitchens and workshops.

Tailored window grilles

What makes window security grilles an even better solution for many properties is that they can be fully customised. Powder-coated, they are available in a variety of colours to match d├ęcor and corporate colours.

They can also be designed in a serious of shapes, which again ensures they do not obstruct in any way and, in some circumstances, can even add to the aesthetics of an area. Non-standard sized spaces can be accommodated for, allowing even the smallest or largest of windows to be protected.

Types of window grilles

The tailoring of grilles extends to include a number of different styles to best fit the environment and purpose of the protection. For example, retractable grilles allow windows to become a focal point without intrusion.

Heavy duty grilles, meanwhile, provide complete all-round protection and are entirely tamper proof. Having the grilles linked to an alarm system works well, providing yet another layer of security which many find offers greater assurance.

Here at DMI Security Group Ltd, we understand the importance of protecting a property, and are dedicated to helping homes and businesses do just that. Call today to see how we can offer your property the best defence and protection from crime in the most cost-effective way.

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