The importance of window security

With an ever increasing needed for domestic and commercial protection in the UK, choosing the right option to keep your property safe and secure is essential. Here at DMI Security Group Ltd, that is what we are all about, in the most professional way. We offer the very best solutions for window security; covering everything from bars and grilles to full entranceway protection with retractable gates.

The basics of window security

Whether in a commercial setting or in a private home, window security is an essential aspect of protecting a property from unwanted visitors. Window grilles, for example, are effective in keeping out both criminals and animals. With solid and mesh barriers too, it is possible to offer fantastic protection while maintaining ventilation and space.

There are a number of options available to protect windows today, from roller shutters which essentially lock down any entranceway, to window bars and grilles. With bars and grilles, a great defensive barrier is provided, while at the same time light and air are still allowed in, which is critical at certain times of the year.

Whichever option is selected, the homeowner can be sure of an exceptionally strong and robust defensive barrier. Perfect for businesses, but also ideal for homes, they are great for ground floor properties in particular, providing an extra level of assurance.

Windows for the home or business

Fitted by a professional team of qualified fitters, there is an option for any environment, whether in the home or the workplace. All solutions are versatile and very adaptable, whilst installation can be as seamless and unobtrusive as necessary.

This seamless installation makes window shutters ideal in the home of course. Another plus is that solutions are able to be perfectly tailored to fit in with an existing décor. For businesses too this is ideal, with shutters and grilles able to be matched to a company’s logo or corporate colours.

Window bars are also an ideal solution, with removable bars offering a flexible solution for many. All options use anti-cut steel, ensuring they’re robust against being struck by propelled objects. It is also possible for installations of grilles and bars to be purely internal, allowing for no exterior obstructions, whilst fittings can be tucked away into surrounds and behind blinds and curtains too.

Key features of window security systems

– Excellent deterrent to criminals

– Excellent physical protection

– Rolling security shutters can be powered or manual

– Window bars can be removable or permanently fixed

– Single key multi-point locking

– Shutters and grilles are retractable

– Galvanised

– Powder coated to décor match

– Vertical, horizontal or lattice designs

– Insurance approved and LPCB accredited

In order to provide greater assurance for our customers, and provide greater confidence in our products, at DMI Security Group Ltd we are delighted to offer window protection which meets Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval. With our professional installers also having met stringent qualification standards, our service is secure too. Call now to see how we can help you to protect your business or home.

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