The benefits of window security grilles

With security for both commercial and domestic properties ever more necessary across the UK, it is important that the best solutions are found. Here at DMI Security Group Ltd, we are dedicated to safety, and deliver cost-effective solutions for entrance ways, doorways, windows and other openings.

For many properties, window security grilles are the perfect choice, offering great safety and security, in an affordable and efficient way.

The basics of window security grilles

After a door, windows are the next favoured entry point for burglars, vandals and anyone intent on committing crime related to property invasion. As a result, it is little surprise that many owners, of both private and commercial buildings, choose to invest in window security grilles.

Grilles, or window mesh shutters, are invaluable as even double or triple-glazed windows do not offer complete protection against some attacks. With many windows in shops being used to display items, making a quick smash and grab can be easy.

In a similar fashion, raids on houses can be over in the blink of an eye through an unprotected window. This is notably the case for windows near a front door, even if not big enough to allow a body through. When broken, such windows can easily provide access to tables where keys, cash and other valuables are kept, and are easily reachable with special tools used by criminals.

Having a window protected by a grille, with steel bars that are resistant to cutting tools and high impact, deters most burglars from even trying to gain entry. An adequately protected property just is not worth the time or the risk to most criminals, who are opportunistic and cowardly, wanting to sneak in and out.

Window security grilles for any environment

Security grilles are flexible and adaptable to any situation, allowing them to be effective in the workplace and at home. They can be professionally installed to retract into hidden cavities and can also be matched with an existing colour scheme, offering the perfect solution on many levels.

As well as being able to match with any home d├ęcor or corporate colour scheme, window grilles can be tailor-made to suit a property. With many houses and business properties having over or undersized windows, this can be invaluable.

There are also additional benefits, which are often overlooked by those not already owning grilles. For example, families can get great use from them in the summer months, by allowing fresh air in without compromising security. This is particularly ideal for the front of a home, if having a barbecue, for example.

There is a great safety element to consider to window security grilles too. When used in homes with pets and young children, they can act as a great barrier to flat roofs and high drops. Removing worry in a completely different way, this is the other form of protection that security systems provide; assurance.

Here at DMI Security Group Ltd, we know all about providing assurance, and do so through our robust products, many of which are LPCB approved. More than this though, our qualified teams add another layer of safety and security. Call us today to see how we can help you feel safer and more secure.

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