Window security grilles – how to install them effectively

Window security grilles and collapsible security grilles are fantastic methods of protecting properties. Used most commonly in retail and commercial establishments, they can also be used around the home in order to prevent entry into a building via the windows – a common route of access for would-be thieves. Window grilles are very cost effective and, if you hire a professional to install your collapsible security grilles and window grilles for you, it will take no time at all to get the grilles in place and beef up your security. Below is a brief guide as to how your window security grilles should be effectively installed.

Picking your bars

The first step is to buy the right security grilles for your needs. It is possible to have window grilles made bespoke but, in most cases, this will not be necessary and a good set of grilles from a reputable company should do the job nicely.


Next, you will need to measure your windows against your window security grilles and mark the areas where you will need to drill holes for your screws.


Once you have measured out your holes, you will need to drill into the window frames, in the correct position, so that you can affix your bars to the wall. It is important to ensure the marks are completely level before you begin drilling.

Installing the grilles

Once you have drilled the holes, you will need to set about installing your collapsible security grille into place. To do this, you will need to hold the grille up against the window frame and screw it into place using long screws. It is vital that all the screws go past the window frame casing and are embedded right into the window frame.

Enjoy the security

Once you have affixed the window security grilles to the window frame, you can put them into use straightaway and start enjoying the increased security and peace of mind they bring.

If you want to be sure that your collapsible security grilles have been installed properly, it may be a good idea to pay a professional to install them for you. The benefits of knowing they have been installed properly are immense and, in most cases, it will cost less than getting a shutter for a door or a whole building front..

As well as hiring a professional to install window security grilles, it is also a good idea to spend some time getting to grips with their mechanisms, so you always know how to open and close them when the time comes. Professional installers can help you with this too.

If you decide a professional installation is for you, however, you should always make certain that you call upon a reliable, professional company with a good track record to do the work for you. Remember that security cannot be compromised and that finding a company able to offer well-integrated security systems is a consideration worth taking seriously.

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