Yorkshire residents see incident numbers fall in crime hotspot

Homeowners in a Leeds burglary hotspot have seen the number of incidents fall by around 50% over recent months.

Figures released by West Yorkshire Police have revealed that burglaries in the areas of Stanningley and Bramley dropped to 198 incidents from April last year to the start of 2013; this compared with the previous year’s figure of 391.

The postcode LS13 was recently highlighted as one of the UK’s major crime hotspots when home insurance comparison site Moneysupermarket.com studied claim records.

While incidents of burglaries have fallen in Leeds over the last 12 months, the city is still among the UK’s worst areas statistically. Mark Burns-Williamson, the force’s Crime Commissioner, has stated that his force still needs to work hard to reduce the risks to the area’s residents. Speaking at a community forum, he said:

“While there have been some excellent reductions in burglaries we still need to do more to have a sustained effort to get that down. It has a big impact on individuals and families when it happens.”

Adding to Burns-Williamson’s statements, Peter Gruen, who is a key member of the Safer Leeds group, said:

“In Bramley and Stanningley burglary has reduced by nearly two thirds.

“This is a testament to the hard work and determination of the local partnership, which includes the local residents and councillors, the police and local housing providers working together.”

As well as the hard work put in by the police force, homeowners can further limit the risk of falling victim to burglaries with the help of roller shutters and bar gates.

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